What is the hardest area to clean in your home or office? Is it your windows, your walls, your carpet, or something else? No matter what it is, cleaning can be a tough job, and even more difficult to do it right. Take carpet cleaning for example, many people will consider their carpet to be clean even though it may not have been vacuumed for months! As a result, many people have varying ideas about what a clean carpet is, how to clean a carpet, and the various methods of cleaning carpets.


There are many reasons to clean a carpet, first, to remove a stain or immediate spill accident, as part of a regular maintenance, or in case company is coming or the home is being shown. How do you clean your carpets? The most obvious answer on how to clean a carpet is with a vacuum, however, some people will use a broom first to remove the larger debris that may clog the vacuum such as money, plant leaves, socks, or any other large items that may be hanging around on the carpet. First, check your vacuum to make sure the nozzle is clear of debris and the bag or container is empty prior to firing it up to prevent any dust or blowouts, then vacuum your carpet. Do you notice a big difference?


What is the difference between professional carpet cleaning and do-it-yourself cleaning? The biggest difference between you and the professionals is most likely the materials and equipment being used during the cleaning process. For example, the professionals often have high-powered, top-notch cleaning tools that have greater suction and deeper brushes to expose the fibres in the carpet.


When should I get the professionals to come and clean my carpet? It is a good idea to get the professionals in to clean your carpet at least once a year if you have a good vacuum, or a couple times a year if your cleaning skills or equipment is not very good quality. That way, you can get your carpets looking brilliant by the professionals, and your upkeep will not be as difficult.


What is the difference between wet vacuum and dry vacuuming? The difference is obvious, one is wet, and one is dry, but the cleaning that occurs happens in very different ways. For example, a dry vacuum method uses the power of suction to remove particles, dust, dirt, dander, and other materials, whereas, the wet vac uses soaps and cleaning solutions to wash the carpet rather than just suction power. The washing process helps remove stains and other dirt that has formed into the fibres, thus offering a more brilliant cleaning potential. Look into getting your carpet done this way if you want to see its original look!

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